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Former world number two and renowned squash champion Liz Irving welcomes you to SquashLab, where you will learn to love squash! Whether an absolute beginner or advanced player, Liz's targeted approach will guide you on a personalised journey to help you take your squash game to the next level and beyond. Liz's suite of videos will take you through everything you need to know! From warm-ups drills, to advice on technique, through to professional lessons, Liz’s tips and tricks will help you refine and perfect every aspect of your game!

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Unique inspiring videos
Our incredible suite of videos guide each and every component of your lessons. With hundreds of videos at your disposal, Liz’s step-by-step approach visually illustrates the finer points of squash. Her systematic approach and methodology of learning will progress you through each stage of your personal development.

Liz’s tips and tricks
Useful and surprising insights to help refine and perfect every aspect of your game.

Tools of the trade
Friendly advice on the equipment to buy, clothes to wear and useful accessories to consider.

Warm-up drills and safety tips
These are integral to the process, learn how to prepare and recover well and avoid injuiry.

Squash rules
Concise and easy explanation of the official rules, always to hand for clarification.

Master class specials
Along the journey Liz invites special guests and professional players to reveal some of their own tips and tricks, gold nuggets of information from some of the best in the game.

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Enjoy seeing and tracking your improvements with the progress tracker, rating your progress and adapting your personal program. Download and print drill logs to support your learning journey.

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Love Nicol? Pics, videos and tournament results will keep you up to date with squash superstar Nicol David!

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Get texting with the fun and funky suite of emojis and stickers created by squash champions Liz Irving and Nicol David! Share with friends and family, and squash fanatics around the world! Look out for new additions to the emoji family in the future, even more wild and wonderful to collect and share!

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Liz Irving welcomes you to SquashLab!
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